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Nutrition and Wellness Consulting LLC

Currently at PrimalMed, the services we offer are Diet and Nutritional consulting through Nutrition and Wellness Consulting LLC. Please visit the website for more information and fees.


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Primal lifestyle..think priMAL !!!

Dr. Metzger is certified by the Primal Health Coach Institute, having studied with Mark Sisson. He is currently studying with Ben Greenfield at KionU to help patients go Primal!.. We focus on Ancestral and Primal Diet, and movement patterns. Whether you are Paleo, Keto, Plant Based, Carnivore or just want to ditch sugar and processed vegetable oils, we don't judge.. we just educate and coach!!  Lets talk about Primal exercise patterns and Primal mindset. Formal Concierge coaching services will be offered starting Fall, 2018