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Dr. Metzger is certified by the Primal Health Coach Institute, having studied with Mark Sisson helping patients go Primal. He is a certified KION Health Coach.. having studied with Ben Greenfield at KionU helping patients blend modern science with Ancestral Wisdom. At PrimalMed, we focus on Ancestral and Primal Diet, and movement patterns. Whether you are Paleo, Keto, Plant Based, Carnivore or just want to ditch sugar and processed vegetable oils, we don't judge.. we just educate and help you find YOUR PrimalMed Prescription.  Lets talk about Primal exercise patterns and Primal mindset. Call or email NOW for a complementary discovery call with Dr. Metzger.

PrimalMed Prescription plan:

4 month personalized plan to revisit and rethink your health and wellness from an Ancestral perspective includes each month: 

  • Two  1 hour phone call consultations every other week

  • Two  30 minute phone follow up calls every other week

  • Assessment forms and dietary intake forms to be completed as part of initial work up

Ad lib emails with questions and answers, quick “check ins” during the month. I will also email you a few days before each call to gather any necessary information to make certain that each call is goal-oriented.

Fee: $850/month

Thank you for taking control of your health and entrusting PrimalMed to help.