The Power of AGENCY

Are YOU in Control ?

Why are morning routines important?

What sets you up for Optimal Performance each day?

Why is “making your bed” in the morning so important?

In a word.. “AGENCY”

At PrimalMed, we are reading “The Power of Agency.” The authors talk  creating a life where YOU are in Control, rather than events and your reaction and response to events tossing you about like a ship on the stormy seas.

Reality: We live in the age of hyperstimulation, interruption and distraction... our brains on alert... incoming texts, emails, notifications. Social Media, targeted ads..all INTRUDING on you and your sense of control.. in a word, your Agency. 

Do you grab your cellphone first thing in the morning and respond or react to emails, news, etc?..if so, you are having EVENTS control YOU.

What if you wake up...made the coffee, read, walk with the dog,  and jot down plans for the day.....visualize your schedule before the brain blitzkreig?

Your morning routine puts YOU in control. 

Control the outside stimuli competing for your attention and concentration.. and flip the switch from being hyperstimulated to being focused and intentional.

Ted Metzger